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5 Holistic Superfoods to Keep Onhand.

A pretty woman holding a large fruit

Holistic superfoods are not always fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you follow lists of holistic superfoods or eat a holistic diet then perhaps you know of some of the foods on this list.  For others these foods are probably foods you have never heard of, however their holistic nutritional value cannot be denied.   Superfoods like chorella and barley grass might not sound good but they are good for you!   They are holistic health care powerhouses.   These two foods alone have shown anti-cancer benefits.   For the full list please review below:

From Natural News

5 Holistic Superfoods to Keep Onhand.

What is a superfood? While there is no specific definition for the term, a superfood is generally recognized by a few characteristics: high nutritional density and low calories, high fiber, high in omega-3 fatty acids, lots of antioxidant activity, and rich with phytochemicals that have the potential to prevent or even reverse disease.

You could say that the hallmark of a superfood would be getting more nutrition without synthetic supplements while eating less. Eating less is healthy for most of us because there’s less of a digestive/elimination burden on our bodies from eating more than we need.

Working these holistic superfoods into your diet might take a little work but the payoff  is great.   Longer life and healthier body are the rewards.   Once you find a way to include these foods into your holistic nutritional diet, you will see that many more superfoods await.

If you are interested in holistic and integrative health care then you should check out our website.


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