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Addiction Counseling Certification Article on Addiction

Good article on how addiction can capture you before you even know it

Good article on addiction. Please also review our addiction counseling certification

Good article on addiction. Please also review our addiction counseling certification

Please also review our Addiction Counseling Certification


The article, ‘Nobody plans to be an addict …’ by Frank Holt states,

“I never knew what I was getting into.”

After 38 years as a registered nurse, I cannot tell you how many times I heard those words from people who knew why they were where they were, but weren’t really sure how they got to this point in their lives.

These conversations took place with men and women in rural jails, detox units, residential treatment centers and rural, suburban and urban emergency rooms. These people were sick and were also truly bewildered.

“Nobody plans to be an addict,” they’d say. They weren’t the only ones who were feeling helpless. Loved ones and friends were at a loss as to what to do as they watched addiction take over lives. The pain and losses that these people felt was of the same sort as I have seen people suffer here in the Grand Valley.

There have been gains over the years. Treatment for substance use disorders, using both “talk therapy” and medications, has improved. Federal laws opened up treatment and mandated that insurers pay for this in much the same way they pay for other chronic illnesses.

Primary care physicians, ER docs and nurses have all become better at screening and referring people to treatment. All of these are good news for intervention. But many of the beneficiaries of this progress still never knew “what they were getting into.” While there has been progress, a story in this paper last fall told us the drug related death rate in Mesa County “outpaces US, state averages.” If you live here, you know that.”

To review the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Addiction Counseling Certification


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