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ADHD Counseling Certification Program

ADHD Counseling Certification Program

Attention Deficit Disorder is a psychological malady that effects the person’s ability to focus or relax. In some cases it also deals with hyperactivity. Man… American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: ADHD is serious condition that can effect social interaction.  AIHCP offers a program for this #adhdconsultingprogram See on www.youtube.com


ADHD Counseling Advice, Is ADHD Over Diagnosed?

ADHD Counseling Advice, Is ADHD Over Diagnosed?

Children in the United States are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at higher rates than ever before, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: ADHD Diagnoses are on the rise according to a new study.   This increase in ADHD case could be for a number of reasons.   Some seem to think doctors are too quick to label ADHD.   Others seem to think stimulants could be causing it.    What do you think?    For more on ADHD Counseling advice please visit our website. See on yaledailynews.com


CogCubed Is Using Games to Help Diagnose ADHD

  The human brain is plastic, meaning that experiences can change it. That fact is fascinating to many people; there’s a possibility that they can sharpen th American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Good article on how a video game system called “CogCubed” is helping diagnose ADHD in children.   They are using video games that are like lego blocks but with interacting LCD screens on them.   For example one block would have an empty glass and the other a pitch full of lemonade.   The user could use one cube to fill the other.   When they used these cubes they were


Link Between ADHD in Children & Cell Phone Use?

  A new study suggests a potential link between the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and cell phone use. ADHD is a condition American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Could our cell phones be causing ADHD?   Here is an interesting study that is looking at the possible link between childhood ADHD and cell phone usage.    For more information on ADHD Counseling please feel free to check out our webpage. See on psychcentral.com


Do you have ADHD? – DominicanToday.com

  The first and only english language online news publication in the Dominican Republic. Providing local and international news, DR guides and access to real estate and car portals. Your most up to date source for info on the Dominican Republic. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: With all of the medical terms and labels being thrown around, this is hard to really know if someone has ADHD or not.     Way too often doctors like to say someone has it and then prescribe ADHD treatments such as prescription drugs.    However how can you tell if you truly do have ADHD?  


Effectiveness Of ADHD Medication?

  Questions about the effectiveness of treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have been raised in a new study. The study examined young children taking American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Is ADHD Medication effective?   And if it is not then why are we putting our children on them?    A good article takes a look at how effective are these treatments for ADHD.    I for one would not want to put my children on medication if it was not effective.   For more on ADHD Counseling, follow us and visit our page.   See on www.healthaim.com


Childhood ADHD Applied too Liberally?

  Diagnoses of ADHD have risen dramatically in recent years, leading some health care professionals to worry that the diagnosis is being applied too liberally. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Why are doctors treating ADHD as a default diagnosis for childhood problems?   Childhood ADHD needs to quit being labeled on children so liberally by our medical field.    This mislabeling leads to medications that our children do not need to be put on.   There are plenty of good natural ADHD treatments out there that can stop our children being put on prescription drugs!    For more on natural ADHD counseling techniques


ADHD Treatment: 7 Life Skills For Your Teen

  These life skills are helpful for teens with ADHD to learn before leaving home for college, jobs, or their own homes. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Fantastic article how several life skills your child with ADHD should master.   A lot of good no non-sense ADHD treatment advice here.   I personally like the first one.   A teen needs to develop a personal responsibility for themselves.   By teaching them this they will be able to adapt better in their adult lives when you are not around to take care of them.    For more information on ADHD Counseling, please visit our


» 5 Debunked Causes Of ADHD We Can Now Laugh At

  American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Excellent article that looks at the once commonly believed causes of ADHD.   It is funny if you look back to see how ADHD treatment has evolved over the years.    What was once believed has now been debunked.   If you wish to learning more about ADHD counseling then you should view our site. See on blogs.psychcentral.com


Teachers Get ADHD Training

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Great article on how teachers are receiving more ADHD training so they can be more prepared to teach students with ADHD.   With many students being diagnosed with ADHD, more teachers need formal adhd counseling training.    If you are interested in taking ADHD courses then you should visit our webpage. See on www.barbadosadvocate.com