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Adult ADHD in the Workplace

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Adult ADHD in the workplace can be a serious problem for those who suffer with it.

When most people hear adult ADHD they think that it is a myth.   They think that attention deficit disorder is only a childhood or adolescent disorder.   They could not be more wrong.   Adulthood ADHD can affect those with it in a number of ways.   Always late?  Have trouble remembering directions or instructions?   How about difficulty paying attention at work meetings?   These are all signs of adult ADHD.    These can have side effects in every aspect of our lives, most importantly our careers.   For a look at the possible negative effects that ADHD can have at the workplace please read the following.

By Kelly Babcock
From Psychcentral.com

How Can Adult ADHD Affect Us In The Workplace?

A while ago, I received an email from a reader discussing ADHD in the workplace. Her situation was that she was rejoining the outside workforce after having put in more than two decades in the service of running a household.

Further to this, she had only recently been diagnosed with ADHD.

She had started out in an entry level position, working cash in a big box store. But as is often the case with ADHDers, her performance in this structured position attracted attention and she was suddenly being cultivated for bigger and better things.

During her training for the new position, she was given the benefit of an evaluation. She heard the areas she had problems in were time management and focus.

For more click here.

Adult ADHD can be treated and not just with pills.    There are natural remedies as well as counseling techniques that work very well with ADHD in adults.   ADHD counselors are available to help if you or someone you know who might need counseling for their ADHD.

If you want to learn more about ADHD counseling then please visit our website.

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