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All About Holistic Health Care Superfoods!

In this age it is a good thing we have plenty of articles about holistic health care.   The wealth of knowledge that is out there is impressive.   Today we are going to focus on several holistic nursing superfoods you may or may not be aware.     Foods like chia seeds (pronounced like the “Chia Pets” from the 1980’s).   These tiny seeds pack a nutritional punch.   They have omega-3 fats, proteins, and plenty of fiber for their size.   They can absorb liquids as well, making them easy to add to just about anything.   Another food from the list is Skyr.   This is a yogurt from Iceland that has just as much protein as Greek yogurt but with less calories.    For the full list of natural and health superfoods please read below.

By Dr Brierly Wright
From Eatingwell Magazine via Yahoo.com

What to Learn More About Holistic Health Care Superfoods?

Kale, quinoa, Greek yogurt. All are super-healthy foods you should be eating–and chances are you already are. Looking for a new über-healthy food to add to your repertoire? Check out this list! Whether your diet could use a health tune-up or already is the epitome of health, we think you’ll find at least one food on this list to add to your diet.

Read here for the fill.

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Have more questions about holistic health care? You might want to visit the site at the bottom of this article.

Now that you have learned more about holistic health care foods that are available, we hope you will try some.   Because making small changes to your diet like drinking Rooibos tea instead of sugary soft drinks or adding different seeds and grains to diet can lead to big results.   Soon you will be on your way to becoming a holistic health care professional!

For more information on becoming a holistic practitioner please feel free to visit our webpage.

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