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America’s Christian Symbol

Christian Symbol of America

While it is true our constitution does not endorse one religion over another, one cannot deny the imprint of Christianity upon the history of America and the importance of it in the life of

The symbol of Christianity.  Also review how to become a certified christian biblical counselor

The symbol of Christianity. Also review how to become a certified christian biblical counselor

Americans.  While immoral laws pass and the idea of God is attacked, the will and desires of the people is truly seen in this soon to be constructed 700 foot cross which is a true Christian symbol of our country.

Foxnews writes about this giant monument to Christ in the country’s heartland.

Public symbols of Christianity are under attack around the nation, but not in  Branson, Mo., where county officials have approved a 200-foot cross that will  rival American icons like the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge,  according to its developer.

Kerry Brown said the “God-given vision” of the Branson Cross came to his  father Dean two decades ago after he bought land atop Bear Mountain near the  intersections of U.S. highways 160 and 65 in Branson, tourist mecca famous for  its country music venues.

“It started as a vision with a 7-foot-tall cross just so people would have a  place to go and meditate with the Lord,” Brown told FoxNews.com. “As time went  on, additional portions of the vision came to him and ultimately it was to build  the largest cross that anyone has ever seen.”

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It is good to know while the vile attacks of atheists attempt to mock Christian belief with ignorant roadside signs that hovering high above them is the symbol of truth via the soon to be constructed 700 foot Branson cross.

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