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Anger Management Program Article

Good spiritual look about the anger and when it is bad and as well as just and good.

Please also review our anger management program

Please also review our anger management program

Please also review our Anger Management Program

The article, Stop Being Slaves to Anger, states

“Anger can act as a useful emotion, one that supports our Christian lives. Unfortunately, for many of us anger doesn’t serve us but enslaves us. It lures us into sin or plunges us into depression,” Bert Ghezzi writes in his book, The Angry Christian: A Bible-based Strategy to Care for and Discipline a Valuable Emotion. “We can triumph over this condition. The power of the Holy Spirit combined with the strength that comes from Christian personal relationships can transform angry Christians. The Lord desires peace for us, so that we can respond to every situation with righteousness and love.” Ghezzi, popular author of more than 20 books about faith, saints, and spirituality, talks a bit about anger and his book.”

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Please also review our Anger Management Program



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