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Art exhibition examines death and How to Become a Grief Counselor


Meeting your maker. Kicking the bucket. Death. Some fear it, others ignore it. As death bears down like a runaway train, sometimes it helps to face the demons.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Art is an excellent way for the bereaved to express themselves.  Play therapy, art therapy and any type of artistic expression help the grieving heal.

Grief counselors are aware of the importance of this.  One way to further express death and help people understand it is also through art.  This article discusses an art exhibit that examines death.

If you are interested in learning more, read the article.  If you are also interested in learning how to become a grief counselor, then also review our program.

Those interested on how to become a grief counselor range from many diverse professional backgrounds. Some stem from the funeral industry while others come from pastoral care, ministry and hospice.  Others emerge from the counseling field.  Still, even more come from the healthcare field which is diverse.  Some also come from state organizations such as social work.

The program in grief counseling offered at AIHCP and the Academy of Grief Counseling covers basic core concepts that are found in four courses.  After completion of those courses, one can then apply for certification.

After the initial three years, those who wish to re-certify can by accumulating over fifty hours of continuing education in grief and over five hundred hours of academic and clinical work in the field of grief counseling.

Thank you for reviewing the program and seeking to learn how to become a grief counselor.  If you have any questions, then please review the program.


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