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Being a Case Manager

  A case manageris the person that handles the business portion of healthcare for a patient. This person is a trained professional that oversees the care on every level, for a patient. They coordinate the care provided by many different 

Earn a case management certification
Earn a case management certification

professionals to be sure the plan is safe and effective for the patient. They also communicate with insurance companies or employers to make sure the care that is provided is cover and for how long. In general, they balance patient advocacy with cost containment. Case manager certification processes can differ depending on the school they attend. Most certification programs require certification as a registered nurse, practical nurse, social worker or physical therapist. Case manager certification also requires training in developing and maintaining relationships. They need to be able to coordinate between the client, medical professionals and payees. They also need knowledge in disease management, health care management, psychological and developmental treatment. Most states require certification that can be obtained in as little as six weeks. Case manager certification requires a written exam and internship, as well as continued education to be certain they are up to date on changing regulations.

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