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Bereavement Counseling Training Article for Grief and God

Grief as a gift?  It seems nonsensical but grief has a role in life and can be helpful in some cases in learning about life and helping us see the overall picture.

Is there any good to grief? Please also review our bereavement counseling training program

Is there any good to grief? Please also review our bereavement counseling training program

Please also review our Bereavement Counseling Training program to learn more

The article, “Why grief can be a gift from God”, by Patrick Mabilog states,

Universally, grief is seen as something that we wouldn’t want to experience, but it’s something that no one can escape. We all have experienced a certain level of grief caused by loss whether a loved one, a business gone bad or a pet.

As painful and undesirable as grief may feel and seem, imagine what life would actually be without it. Imagine that you lose a family member and everyone is just staring at each other during the funeral not knowing what to feel and how to express thoughts on the value of that loved one.

All feelings are from God, yes even anger and grief. The problem sometimes is that as broken and hurt sinners, we don’t know how to put it into its proper use. Having a right perspective of grief takes a long time to figure out and we might never even be able to fully understand it, but we can come as close as we possibly can so we understand that grief can actually be a blessing.

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