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Better Nurse Patient Communication in 3 Steps

Nurse patient communication is an important part of the medical process.  Nursing professionals everywhere will stress this.  Communication in nurse patient education allows for a smooth transition from admission to going home.   However are we doing it as effective as we can?   Here are 3 steps to improve patient communication.

By Margery Pabst
From Nurse Together

Better Nurse Patient Communication in 3 Steps

Nurses are busier than ever with both the routine tasks and the increasing roles of facilitating medical teams and fostering better communications. Coordinating tasks and relationships is a challenge, so to that point, what are three best practices for making your life easier and your service more satisfying?

I like to find easy ways to remember tools that work. When I think of communications, remembering the tools as the “3 C’s” is a great way to be mindful of what works. The “3 C’s” are:

 For the full article please go here.

A doctor treating a patient

Nurse Patient communication can improve the treatment you provide.

Remember to Confirm, Clarify, and Collaborate when dealing with any patient.  Just follow the 3 C’s to increase your nurse patient communication.

If you are interested in being a nurse patient educator then you should check out our webpage.


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