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Breathing Tools to Beat Chronic Stress

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Have chronic stress? Use these tips and start enjoying your work again!

Chronic stress is a problem most of us face in our daily lives.   It holds us back from being able to relax.   It stops us from enjoying our days off.   It prevents us from having hobbies.   It is not a good thing to live with.   Managing stress needs to become a daily practice so we can take back our lives.   Stress management techniques can do just that!   You can combat stress with several different techniques.   Not all are the same.    The effective ones, however, do not take much do to and are easy to learn.    Because lets face it your stress reducing technique should not cause more stress.   A good place to learn a few stress busting tips is from a number of sources.   You can read them in online articles.   You can learn them in a stress management certification.   You can even receive some through your friends and family.   The ones we are going to learn today involve using simple breathing techniques to reduce stress.   In the article below by Judy Martin, she will identify several for us to learn and use.

By Judy Martin
From Huffington Post

Beat Chronic Stress with These Helpful Breathing Techniques.

If you feel like work is taking the wind out of you, you’re not alone. Two in five adults report chronic stress at work. Many of us are gasping for a “breath of life” just like Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman. It’s hard work being queen, so she was looking to take in Snow White’s fresh breath to invigorate her.

The chilling lyrics from the film’s title song can easily be applied to how many Americans feel at work: “I was looking for a breath of life / A little touch of heavenly light / But all the choirs in my head say no.”

To read more go here.

Now that you have a few tools to combat your chronic stress, you can apply them to your busy life.   Start reducing stress in the mornings with a morning breathing exercise.    Then learn to finish your workday with a after work relaxing breathing session.   In no time you will become a stress manager.

If you are interested in taking online stress management courses then you really should visit our webpage for more information.

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