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Can a Person Be Overly Righteous?


Can “be not overly righteous” in Ecclesiastes 7:16 really be saying what it seems to be saying? Does God actually want us to tone down our righteousness?

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Are we self righteous or humble in our prayer?  In the meantime, if you are interested in taking courses in Christian Counseling, then please review the program

The pharisees showed this type of behavior.  When we look at our goodness from ourselves instead of God, we find danger.  We can merit no good of our own accord but only through the Holy Spirit and divine grace.

When we enter into a “how glorious am I” type attitude we become the pharisees.  We see only our virtues and everyone’s vice.  We do not see our own vice of pride and lack of mercy.

We must be like the contrite sinner in the back of the temple as told by Christ.  To realize that we are nothing without Christ and that we must be humble.

If you are interested in Christian Counseling, then please review our program.  Our program offers a variety of courses in Christian Counseling then you can take to become certified.



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