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Can Childhood ADHD Go Beyond Childhood?

Nothing is more frustrating to a child than having attention deficit disorder.   Childhood ADHD can affect their school, personal lives, and how they perceive themselves.   The child might act out and not know why.    They might also really want to get good grades but not be able to because of their ADHD.   Sometimes, children grow out of it or they learn to adapt.   However can childhood attention deficit disorder reach beyond childhood and into adulthood?   An excellent article below looks deeper into this subject.

By Leslie Wade
From CNN.com

What Happens When Childhood ADHD Goes Beyond Childhood?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is often considered something children outgrow. But researchers say the disorder can carry over into adulthood.

A new study published in this week’s Pediatrics journal finds that about a third of those diagnosed as children continue to have ADHD as adults, and more than half of those adults have another psychiatric disorder as well.

Suicide rates were nearly five times higher in adults who had childhood ADHD compared to those who did not, according to the study. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why; they speculate that problems associated with childhood ADHD, such as lower academic achievement and social isolation, make people more prone to life issues as adults.

For the full article please go here.

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Can Childhood ADHD affect us into Adulthood?

Childhood ADHD can be a hard time for children.   This difficult time period can be even worse if it extends into their adult lives.    Know the signs of ADHD so you can be there to help your children through it and teach them ways they can manage it and hopefully out grow it.

If you are interested in learning about ADHD Counseling, then you should visit our site.

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