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Can courses in stress management Slow Alzheimer’s?

Would you like to take courses in stress management and meditation?

An intriguing new study suggests the brain changes associated with meditation and stress reduction may delay the progression of age-related cognitive

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

An amazing study on how brain changes with meditation and stress reducing practices can delay the progression of age-related cognitive disorders.

We have always known meditation is healthy for the body but it is also healthy for the brain and its inner workings.  This article talks about a study and how meditation can help the brain delay the progression of dementia and other like diseases.  If this is so, imagine how healthy it is for an already healthy and functioning brain?

If you are interested in stress reduction and meditation then please review our program and read our blog.  After taking the core courses in stress management or meditation, you can then, if qualified, become eligible for certification.

Recertification is due in three years and includes fifty hours worth of courses in stress management or meditation and five hundred hours of work within the field.

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