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Can Stress and Grief Kill You?

Stress, Grief, Pain and Excitement: Ingredients for Possible Death?


Can the stress of a broken heart kill you?

Can the stress of a broken heart kill you?

A broken heart, a sudden excitement, extreme stress or any trauma according to some findings have the ability to be fatal.  Can stress really be the death of you?

Sophie Borland of Mailonline writes about this topic in “Why Shock Can Kill You: Release of Adrenaline After Sudden Recovery Can Lead To Heart Problems.”

A shock can be fatal – and it makes  no  difference whether it’s the trauma of a loved one’s death or the  excitement of  a lottery win, experts claim.

Research suggests that a startling revelation  can pose a danger to health whether the news is positive or  negative.

And it seems women who have just been through  the menopause are most at risk.

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