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This column is written by Mission Home Health, hospice and home care experts in the aging and caregiving field to keep you informed about healthy lifestyle behaviors as you grow older.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

In Pastoral Care of the dying, or Pastoral Thanatology, professional care givers care for the needs of the dying.  This alone presents a myriad of different values and ideals regarding death.

When dealing with veterans, it only becomes more complex.  You may be dealing with a whole new variety of issues ranging from stress to PTSD.  Some veterans may have less stress, or some may have more, it depends on the individual and what they faced.  Furthermore, some may have guilt over their service.  Also keep in mind, some who may not have seen actice combat, may still have various issues of stress.  It is always safe not to assume anything but prepared for everything.

If you want to take Pastoral Thanatology courses, then please review the program.


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