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Case Management Look Into Preventable Death Rates.

Death is a part of life.  When it is your time, very little can be done.   However what if it could have been easily prevented?   Case management looks at medical cases to see just that.   In a recent study it was found that the US trails behind European nations in stopping preventable deaths.   The US spends more in healthcare than any other developed nation.   We are obviously doing something wrong and our medical system is in need of reform.   For more information on this study please read the article below.

By Harry Bradford
From Huffington Post

How Can Case Management Help Lower Preventable Deaths In The US?

Likewise, the rate of preventable deaths, whose causes include cancer, heart disease and diabetes, has declined more slowly in the U.S. than it has in other countries. The numbers show there’s certainly room for improvement in American health care, according to the report’s authors.

“These findings strengthen the case for reforms that will enable all Americans to receive timely and effective health care,” said lead author Ellen Nolte, according to The Hill.

An outline of a human body with vegetables inside of it.

What could you do to help lower preventable deaths in the US?

When case management professionals look at these medical cases, we should give serious thought to their conclusions.   Could better diet and exercise prevent diabetes deaths?  Could more preventive screening prevent cancer related deaths?   We do know one thing, perhaps we all could start taking a more active role in our health.   Because in the end action is always quicker than reaction.

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