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Case Management Skills Are Needed for Malpractice.

Case Management and Malpractice

Case Management Skills

Millions of dollars are lost in malpractice cases each year. Case Management Skills could help stop it.

Good Case Management skills can prove to be good records for truth in malpractive whether the patient or the doctor is in the wrong.  The article below talks about the rise of malpractice in the United States.

George Perry writes in “Medical Malpractice Caps By State (Infographic)” about the state by state rise in malpractice and its impact on society.

Medical malpractice is a serious issue, not just because of the impact it has on  the victims, but also because of the financial burden it can place on the family  members that have to care for them. Across the country, each state sets their  own limits on what victims, or their families, can be awarded in non-economic  damages, otherwise known as pain and suffering awards.

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