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Case Management Training

Case management training

Case management training can lead you to a better career.

I’m very happy to have a new career. I had been working as a social worker for women of abuse for over 15 years. Even though I really did love my job, I was starting to feel like it was stressing me out. I wanted to do something similar as a career, but I wanted to look at other options. A good friend of mine worked as a case manager, and she told me that her company was hiring case managers, and that they also they were doing case management training. I decided to apply to work with my friends, and to my surprise I was hired. I started my training, and I really liked everything that I was learning. Now my friend and I are both able to work together as case managers, and we both very much enjoy our jobs. I’m very happy that I made a career change, because I love working in case management.

So if you are looking for a change in your nursing career, why not look towards case management?   It can be a boost your career and pocket book needs.

By Jeff Goldstein

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