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Causes of Stress: Can Our Foods Be Causing It?

A bowl of red cherries

Your food coloring should be all natural and not processed.

Some causes of stress can be pinpointed to a certain source.   Be it work, family, bills, etc we can tell what is bothering us.   Managing stress can sometimes not be clear cut.   What if the foods you were eating were helping to cause your stress?   It is true.   The foods we consume every day can add to our levels of stress.   Foods like MSG, caffeine, and sugar all add to your stress.   How you ask?  Well you are going to have to review this article for the answer:

By Margaret Reffell
From Huntington Post

Can Food We Eat Be Causes Of Stress?

You’ve all heard “you are what you eat” before, right? Well we now know that that is true on a more fundamental level than you ever could have imagined.

When we eat food, not only does it affect our hormones, our blood sugar and our energy levels, but food actually gets broken down into its smallest molecules and turned into the actual tissue and chemical messengers we are made of.

This includes the tissue and chemical composition of our brains. So, is it possible that the foods we eat can be changing this chemical and physical make-up to actually create feelings of stress and anxiety? Absolutely!

Check out the top five foods that can affect your brain chemistry and cause stress and anxiety.

For the full list please go here.

A contain of Chinese takeout

Many Chinese restaurants have added MSG.

Who would have thought our diet and the foods we eat could be the causes of stress.   Maybe the morning cup of coffee is not quite the best friend you thought it was?

If you are interested in a stress management consulting program or taking online stress management courses then you might want to visit our website.


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