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Certified Case Managers: Managing health care after cancer? Rutgers developing an app for that


The last chemotherapy session is over and the treatment declared finished. But for many cancer patients, managing the rest of their lives becomes the next challenge.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Surving cancer is hard enough but rehabilitation is even harder.  There are a variety of preventive measures and checkups that need to follow.  Patients unfortunately do not always seek the professional help after cancer that they should.  Certified Case Managers can help keep these people on track.

Good certified case managers are able to follow their patients through the process and guide them and advise them, but many people fall through the cracks.  With over 70 percent of the population who survive cancer facing possible problems afterwards, better case management is needed.

This article reviews the creation of a new app that may help keep tabs on these people and make the job easier for certified case managers

If you are a nurse and would like to become certified as a case manager, then please review the program.  The Case Management Program has five core courses that are taken online.  After completion, a qualified health care professional is eligible for certification in Case Management.

For those who wish to recertify, they can do so after four years. In that time frame, they must have 60 hrs of continuing education and over 500 hrs of case management practice.

In the meantime, please enjoy the article and the blog and if you have any questions regarding the program, please let us know


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