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Children and Substance Abuse.

Children and Substance Abuse.

Substance Abuse is becoming a scary norm for children

Substance Abuse is becoming a scary norm for children

As society continues to decline morally, as the homes become less stable, then the children suffer.  This is what we are seeing as the turn of the century continues forward.  Children are falling prey to substance abuse.   Children and substance abuse is not a “new” problem.   Children use alcohol and drugs to deal with their problems the same way adults can.

Neha Das in the “Deccan Herald” writes about this alarming trend in her article, “Substance Abuse is Norm for Kids”

Alot of school-going children (read aged between 10-15) are falling prey to substa­n­ce abuse. At an age when they should be atop swings, playing games, learning computers and languages, they are passing time indulg­i­ng in substances like thinner, charas, smack, cough syrup, iodex and whitener, etc.

Psychological studies suggest that this could be because this is a time for experimentation and identity-forming. But the shocking part of the story is that children as young as 10 and 11 are doing drugs, and contrary to popular notions, the affected ones are government school students and come from underprivileged sections.

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