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Christian Counseling Certification Article on Christian Spiritual Fitness

Good article on Christian Spirituality and how we can make ourselves more spiritually fit and avoid the many pitfalls that plague our fallen nature

Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification

The article, The Spiritual Side to Fitness: Why Are So Many Christians Unhealthy?, by Kent Wilson states,

Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification

Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification

“As a pastor who also has a keen interest in fitness, I can’t help but wonder, why are so many Christians, lay and fellow clergy alike, physically out of shape?

Wouldn’t you expect followers of Jesus to be some of the healthiest people on earth?

Here’s my theory…

I don’t think we realize that, deep down, fitness is a spiritual issue.

Instead, we’ve allowed the reasoning of secular vanity to fill the void.

You know, promises of living longer, fewer chances of getting a disease, promises of looking better at your high school reunion and the like.

Those reasons, while nice, are pretty vain when you think about it. And maybe that’s why they don’t have staying power even in the general population, let alone among Christians.

In other words, maybe we need a bigger “Why?” A sustainable faith-based reason to get in shape.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification


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