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Christian Counseling Certification Program: The Epiphany is Little Christmas

Christian Counseling Certification Program: Christmas Season Has Just Begun!

Photo by Nina Aldin Thune . Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar came to adore the divinity of the Lord on the Feast of the Epiphany

Photo by Nina Aldin Thune . Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar came to adore the divinity of the Lord on the Feast of the Epiphany

Secular society begins and ends Christmas season to early.  The corporate greed hopes to bring in sales as soon as the last bit of Turkey is gobbled up and once the spending spree and the last return is complete, closes up shop and all sounds of Christmas.  This backwards mentality is not the true season of Christmas.  A Christian Counseling Certification Program should emphasize that the Christmas season extends well into January.

In the Western Church, the season of Christmas extends to the feast of the Epiphany or the adoration of the wise men.  This feast is usually celebrated on Sunday within the first two weeks of January.  In some traditions, this feast was also known as Little Christmas and family members would again unite and give small gifts to each other.

The reason why was simple, this is the day Christ received the three gifts from the Magi which illustrated to the world that the child Jesus was divine; The manifestation of the divine is the primary principle of this feast.  In the East, this manifestation is known as the Theophany or the Baptism of Christ.  Both are different moments in the life of Christ, but both point to his divine nature.

So while many people rush to take down the Christmas tree and other decorations, Christians understand that the idea of Christmas extends for a few more days to celebrate the Logos becoming flesh.  Let us all acknowledge this and continue to show the same Christmas spirit in the following winter months.

If you are interested in learning more about Christian Counseling Courses, please review the program.

Mark Moran, MA


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