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Christian Counseling Certification: The “Yes” of Mary and Advent Reflections

Christian Counseling Certification: Christian Perspectives on Advent

Advent is spent preparing for the coming of Christ. It reflects the patriarchs of the Old Testament’s patience and endurance for the coming of the Messiah.  Christian Counselors can help their spiritual children prepare for Christmas by reflecting on this.

Another purpose of Advent is to mediate on the person who made it possible. This person is the Virgin Mary who at the Annunciation, proclaimed “yes” to God and Gabrielle.

Mary says "yes" to the will of God

Mary says “yes” to the will of God. Please also review our Christian counseling certification

From this we can appreciate that through her “yes” she became the new Eve who ushered in the new Adam. Through her acceptance of God’s will, mankind would find redemption.

We as Christians must follow Mary’s “yes” and accept our crosses and the will of the Father. While our end can never marvel that of Mary’s, our “yes” to the plan of the Father is equally loved and accepted by our Him. If everyone was to say “yes” as Mary did, then the world would be a greater place.

As we prepare for the coming of Christ, also let us focus on God’s plan for us.

If you are interested in our Christian Counseling Certification Program, then please review it.



Mark Moran, MA

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