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Christian Counseling Certification

What Can You Do With A Christian Counseling Certification?

A Christian Counseling Certification can help you in your ministry

A Christian Counseling Certification can help you in your ministry

As a Christian therapist, I see all sorts of people with a variety of issues in my practice. I operate out of a large church that has therapy programs available to their congregation and outside individuals. This particular church I have worked out of for over ten years. I love my work and can not imagine doing anything else. When I went to college, I majored in psychology and then obtained a christian counseling certification. This degree and certification allows me to work with Christians who for whatever reason have decided to seek out therapy. Some people may want to work on their marriage, others may have addictions, while some may have weight issues or anxiety. Whatever the situation, I always take a non-judgmental approach and use therapy along with their faith to try to help them. It really makes my day when I am told after therapy that I have saved a marriage or helped a person struggling with an addiction to see what they need to do.

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