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Christian Counseling Program Article on Lenten Preparation

A good plan is important during your Lenten journey.  There are many ways to properly observe Lent.  The article below discusses how we can properly prepare and carry out our Lenten journey

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program

The article, 5 Ways to Observe Lent this Year, by Teresa Blythe states,

“Many Christians observe the season of Lent with 40 days of a spiritual practice of their choosing. Lent is traditionally the fast of 40 days before Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday, and it helps us clear out space in our lives for a deeper relationship with God. It’s a small way we honor the suffering of Jesus in the last days of his life.

Throughout Christian history, Lent has been a time of taking responsibility for our failures and sin—penance—and dedicating ourselves to greater devotion through our giving of time and money, spending more time in spiritual activities, and abstaining from that which comes between us and God.

If you want to observe Lent this year, here are five ideas to consider:    ”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Christian Counseling Program


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