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Christian Counseling Training: Counseling Tips for Vocations

Counseling Those Towards A Vocation

Whether you are Protestant or Catholic, a religious calling is a call from God to serve his people.

Photo by Zvonimir Atletic / Shutterstock.com .  Christian Counseling Training is offered at AIHCP

Photo by Zvonimir Atletic / Shutterstock.com. Christian Counseling Training is offered at AIHCP

Catholics become priests, monks or nuns, while Protestants become ministers.  Such callings to the religious life should never be ignored but cultivated and cherished.  Counseling sessions should also direct young people towards these ultimate callings if a vocation is present.  As our Lord said, many are called but few are chosen.

The Lafayette Caremlites on their site have a very interesting discernment article that is Ignaitian in origin.  I have always been a fan of St. Ignatius and his deep spirituality.  I feel his spirituality is uniquely Christian and not just meant for the Catholic Church.  Below is the beginning of this article.

The quest for discovering God’s call for your life should be paramount. Nothing is more important. There can be no doubt that a person’s earthly fulfillment and ultimate happiness greatly depend on properly discerning God’s will, especially in terms of the particular vocation a man or woman may choose.

To read the full article, click here

Christian Counseling has a unique position to stand on the front lines as a source for vocation direction and recruitment.  This can be a special honor for counselors.

If you are interested in Christian Counseling Training, please click here.


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