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Combating Nursing Stress

man who is stressed holding his headLike many other career fields there is a degree of stress that you can withstand and when the level of stress goes beyond your threshold, it leads to burn out.   Nursing Stress is no different and can seriously affect the quality of care a patient can receive.   There are ways to combat nursing burnout as stated by Luanna Banghart in her article from Nurse Together:

Nursing Stress: Burn out or boredom?

Reasons to find a new challenge in a current or new position:

  1. You find yourself getting bored; your learning curve has been met. It’s time to find a new challenge that isn’t related to how to play FarmVille on Facebook without getting caught. Ask for a new project or opportunity at work.
  2. Your practice area is no longer keeping you and/or the patient population safe.  Many specialty areas, such as pain management (which has gotten a lot of press recently in my state), are getting new regulations. Most are safe, legitimate practices. However, a handful of employers ask staff to turn a “blind eye” to questionable tactics that would put the nurse at risk.

For the full article please go here.

If you feel you are overwhelmed and stressed out at work then you need to find a positive outlet to challenge yourself. This is especially important when dealing with nursing stress. Those in the nursing field are urged to find a constructive way to relieve their stress and prevent their burnout. Doing so could save lives.

To access information on stress management consulting, click here.



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