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Cookies That Save-Little Girl Sells Cookies to Stop Abortion

Fighting Abortion through Cookies

Here is a happy story for Christian counselors who fight the evil of abortion. Astonished that the Girl Scouts of America would become bed chamber mates with Planned Parenthood,  young Grace, decided to make her own cookies to fund a pro-life center.  Her story shows that all are called to action and noone no matter how small does not have their value and talents  in the Mystical Body of Christ.  Below is the article.

Paul Strand of CBN News writes about this wonderful little girl in “Ex-Girl Scout Saves Unborn One Cookie At A Time”

Recently a pro-life health care clinic opened next door to Boise, Idaho’s Planned Parenthood, giving pregnant women an alternative to the abortion provider.

Now those in Boise who object to the Girl Scouts of America’s partnership with Planned Parenthood have a pro-life alternative to Girl Scout cookies.

That came about when 10-year-old Grace Swanke, who loved selling cookies in Boise for the Girl Scouts, found out about her organization’s involvement with the abortion provider. The little pro-life home-school student couldn’t abide that.


For the full article, please click here


In times of immoralty, God calls even the smallest to rise up and make a stand.  How do we stand up to the evils of society?  As Christian Counselors and members of the church, we all need to stand up for what is right.

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