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Counseling the Elderly

The elderly are supposed to be paradigms and models of virtue. Their age should be seen as an accomplishment and they in turn should be revered and respected. However, in this fallen world, this is not the case and many elderly are mistreated. In some cases, the elderly even fail to fulfill their own expectations. The Christian counselor is called to help all but the elderly deserve

Care of the elderly

Care of the elderly

special attention. They need help in adjusting and accepting new roles. They need physical and mental care as loneliness, illness, lack of self esteem, and loss of friends mount each day. With good counseling, they can understand their new role and proudly adjust as leaders and elders of the community. Christian counselors have the opportunity to help the elderly adjust so that they can share their wisdom with the previous generation. If you are interested in Christian counseling and how it can affect not only the elderly but all age groups, you should consider theĀ Christian spiritual counseling certification at AIHCP.

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