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Counseling to Combat Substance Abuse

Combatting Substance Abuse


In the fight against substance abuse, one cannot lose hope

In the fight against substance abuse, one cannot lose hope


Substance abuse is the abuse of illicit drugs and other legal substances, like alcohol, in excess. It is a serious disease that affects millions of people each year. Research suggests that at least 25% of deaths are caused both directly and indirectly to substance abuse. There are many ways to combat it including rehab, counseling, and medication. Most treatments are not used alone, but are used in conjunction. One such treatment is substance abuse counseling. This treatment consists of therapy sessions with a licensed practitioner to attempt to uncover the cause of the abuse and avoid future abuse. The counseling focuses on behavior modification and making good life choices. The sessions can be held one on one or in a group setting. Many counseling services use both approaches, since one therapy may not necessarily fit one person. One can find such therapies by referral from a healthcare practitioner, social worker, or rehab facility.   Learn to Combat substance abuse with proper information.


Todd Litter

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