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A mother's worst pain and fear; the loss of a child. Also please review our courses in grief counseling

A mother’s worst pain and fear; the loss of a child. Also please review our courses in grief counseling


The greatest loss and pain is the loss of a child.  The article below talks about how some grieving mothers came together and wrote about their experiences in their attempt to find meaning and healing.


Dave Hart writes about Carol Henderson and her attempt to help grieving mothers overcome their loss of a child through support groups and writing.  In his article, “Writing Helps Grieving Mothers” he tells the complete story below.

One day in the fall of 2002, author and writing instructor Carol Henderson stood in a chilly meeting room at Salem College in Winston-Salem and faced the 13 women who had gathered for her prompt writing workshop.

Leading a writing group was nothing new for Henderson; she has taught countless classes and workshops.

This one was a little different: every one of the women in the room, including Henderson, had lost a child.

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Mark Moran, MA

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