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Learn daily meditation to help relax!

Most people do not know that meditationis easy and does not take much time out of your day.   Plenty of people find time to sit quietly and concentrate on their meditating.   It only takes a few minutes a day and you can meditate anytime you have a free minute.  Waiting at the

The Buddha Meditating
The Buddha Meditating

doctor’s office?  Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and take it from there.   A great article by Chloe Park from MindBodyGreen.com has more on how you can fit Meditation into your busy life.

How Meditation can fit into your life.

One of my favorite things to do in life is teach and sit with people in meditation. Since living in Bali, this has been the first time I’ve been teaching meditation publicly in an outside studio vs. my home studio. People who have never before sat still in their life have been coming to class and wanting, having the desire, a yearning for an integration of meditation practice in their lives. It’s so amazing. The practice of meditation is not to go in to just stay in. What’s the point in that? Meditation is to go in to then come back out from that place of core center and stillness. In the early days of the unveiling of yoga, yoga meant meditation—there was none of this Lululemon clothing, Manduka mat, fancy shmancy gear. The asanas of yoga were designed to prepare the yogi or yogini to sit. Funny how things evolve in the Western world isn’t it? It’s time for the old paradigm of what the projection of yoga is thought to be to fall away and be replaced with a more intimate and true understanding of the science and depth to this practice.Here’s how you can incorporate meditation into your everyday life.

For the full article please go here.

The mental health benefits from daily meditation can reduce stress levels, relieve anxiety, and help you achieve relaxation and peace.  It is well worth several minutes a day!  If you wish you to learn more about meditation please visit our certification site.


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