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Dealing with Pet Loss Grief

How to Deal with Pet Loss Grief

Losing a pet is truly losing a friend

Losing a pet is truly losing a friend

When dealing with the loss of a pet, it is natural to feel a sense of grief, abandonment, and maybe even anger at the universe for taking away such a beloved companion. These are all normal expressions of a very real sorrow, and all part of the grief cycle. There are different methods of coping with the loss of a pet. Some families immediately purchase a new pet, in hopes of finding healing through loving another. Some families go through a pet dry spell where they eschew all pets in order to grieve for their lost pet more effectively. Still others seek outside help in the form of grief counseling, or seek solace in education with courses in pet loss grief. However you choose to mourn your furry friend, realize that this sadness is ultimately short lived, and there are always a multitude of friendly animals that would greatly benefit from the care and concern that you have to offer.

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