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Diabetes and the Development of Peripheral Neuropathy

Health Care Coach

A Health Care Coach can suggest smoothies to help control weight loss.

Diabetics are at a high risk of developing a condition called peripheral neuropathy. This is a progressive condition that results from damage to the nerves in the legs. It results in chronic pain and often a chronic numbness in the legs and feet. As such, it may significantly impair one’s ability to walk. Over half of people with this condition acquire it from being diabetic. The causative factor is that high levels of sugar in the blood actually cause a damaging effect on the nerves of the lower extremities. As the disease progresses so does the extent of the nerve damage. Keeping your blood sugar under control can help to lessen the extent and the progression of the disease. Patients with the disorder must be very careful when walking as the numbness may cause them to easily lose their balance and fall. Shoes must be worn at all times as patients may step on a foreign object such as glass and never even know it. If you have this condition, seek out the help of a health care coach who can assist you in developing a plan to lessen the progression of the disease.

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