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Diabetes Education: Get The Word Out!

A lady holding up an "SOS" sign

We need help getting people educated about the dangers of Diabetes.

With higher levels of obesity in society, diabetes is quickly becoming a serious epidemic in America.    This is why we must education ourselves on how to take precautions and what dangers this poses to us.    Proper exercise and dieting can only help if people know about them.   We must all do our part to properly educate everyone on the dangers of diabetes.  For more information please read below:

By Julie Clements
From WellingtonDailyNew

Diabetes Education: Why it is Important

Wellington, Kan. —

A diagnosis of diabetes can leave a person with a lot of questions.  It is important to get accurate  current information to know how to live with diabetes. Living with diabetes requires daily decisions that impact future health.  The program helps patients understand the importance of meeting their diabetes treatment goals.  By meeting these goals, they have greatly reduced the risk of complications of diabetes.

For 18 years Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital has worked to help those with diabetes manage their condition and lead healthy lives through the Adult Diabetes Education Program, which was originally awarded by the American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Certificate in  in 1996, two years after the initial vision of the program.

For the full article please go here.

Keeping up to date on health care related news is also a great way to stay informed.    By staying in the loop, so to speak, you can ensure your health.

If you are interested in taking online health care certificates or online health care courses please visit our website for more information.



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