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Different Forms of Meditation You Can Use.

Let’s look at the most fun ways to meditate. In this fast pace way of living we must find 30 minut…

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

4 Different Forms of Meditation

Basic meditation is quietly sitting down somewhere and focusing on clearing your mind.   This meditation technique is easy to learn.   There are however several other completely different forms of meditation.

Spiritual meditation is when you pray to a higher power for something you need in life.   How it differs from prayer is you are also meditating at the same time.   You are focusing on your intentions and your prayers.   Once done you feel relaxed and well rested.

Focused meditation is a form of meditation where you “focus” on the things and aspects in your life you enjoy the most.   It could be the sounds of nature or the way someone makes you feel.   By using focus meditation you can sharpen your thoughts and relax yourself.

The next form combines exercise with meditation.  It is movement meditation.    Here you stay focused on the movements of your body while you exercise.    It could be as simple as focusing on your legs while you jog or on your muscles as you lift.   With movement meditation you are giving your mind a break by staying focused on something else.

Lastly there is guided meditation.   In guided meditation you listen to someone or something as it guides you on what to think and what to focus on.    By listening your mind starts to create images that you can focus on.     These images or thoughts allow you to create your own adventure.

Want to learn how to become a meditation instructor?   Then you should visit the American Institute of Health Care Professionals.   Their online certificate program in Meditation Instruction is the perfect place to learn all of these meditation forms.

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