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Do we overtreat ADHD?

How often do you hear a child labeled with ADHD and then put on a drug to control it?  Is it a common place event at your school?  Too many times children are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and then giving medication for it.   Drugs are a poor substitute for parenting and counseling.    Johnny Harper writes in an article from Hattiesburg American his views on ADHD drugs and our children.

ADHD: No Difference Now Than Back Then.

I find it unrealistic that children in head starts and elementary schools are any different from those of the past. The difference is the lack of parental responsibility and an uninvolved village.So often, parents, school systems and/or agencies solution in solving the inattentiveness and over-zealousness of children is to label them as suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

For the full article please go here.

Perhaps the answer is not ADHD drugs for our children but better diet and proper exercise.  Most foods advertised to children now a days are loaded with extra sugar and salt.   This with lack of exercise can lead to hyperactivity.   Maybe we should try making children eat better foods before we make them take strange drugs.    If you want to learn more about attention deficit disorder counseling please go to our webpage.


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