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Doctors need to Help! Substance Abuse Counseling

Doctors Need to Treat Substance Abuse Better

Doctors can help control substance abuse just with a little training and good notekeeping

Doctors can help control substance abuse just with a little training and good notekeeping

Substance abuse continues to plauge our society and where it can be met on a regular basis is at the doctor’s office.  Unfortunately, many doctors are not well equipped to deal with the issues of substance abuse.  Maybe they should look into receiving an certification in substance abuse counseling?

Sandra Boorman of the “Washington Post” writes in her article, “Few Doctors Know How To Treat Addiction” that certain changes could be on the horizen to better train doctors.

They are seen every day in doctors’ offices, outpatient clinics and hospital emergency rooms: men in their 50s with bleeding ulcers; young adults pulled from car crashes; middle-aged women fighting a losing battle against chronic pain.

As dissimilar as they seem, many of these patients are also suffering from another illness — alcohol or drug abuse — that is at the root of the more obvious ailments that keep them cycling through the medical system. Even so, their addiction is rarely addressed by doctors.

To read the full article, please click here

With better trained doctors in this area, perhaps the war against substance abuse can be met early.   By working together doctors and counselors can help turn the tide in the war against substance abuse.   Also they will be not only saving lives but helping put families back together as well.

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