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Does Health Coaching Cut Medical Costs?

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Health coaching advice helps keep us in shape.

Health coaching can benefit rehab patients with shorter healing times, improved muscle strength and overall quicker recovery.    A health coach accomplishes these by providing proper muscle strengthening exercises and good dietary advice.   Health care coaching can also provide another service as well, which some will really enjoy.    When a patient who is rehabbing from a surgery or a medical condition received help from a health care coach, they saw a reduction in their medical bills due to the increased recovery time.   This relates back to the shared decision making that doctors and health care life coaches make.    Review the following story for more information.

By Jacqueline Lee
From HealthTechZone.com

Health Coaching Cutting Medical Costs?

Health Dialog senior vice president David Veroff recently wrote up the results of a study in the journal BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making.

For the study, Veroff and his colleagues conducted research to find whether or not health coaching could cut medical costs for patients at risk for lumbar, knee and hip surgery. They utilized Health Dialog’s AutoDialog IVR application.

For more, read here.

Health coaching is a relatively new field.   As more and more benefits from health coaching become mainstream, the need for health coach education will raise.   This education can be done online via health care coaching course.   Maybe this is something you should look into?

For more information on how to become a health coach please visit our webpage.

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