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Education Training in Christian Counseling: Pope Warns of the Increase of Witchcraft in Africa

 Education Training in Christian Counseling: Witch Craft Still is a Modern Problem

The reality of black magic in the modern world is especially strong in Africa where Africans hold on to their traditional roots and mix it with Christianity as in the cases of the voodoo.  Still some, completely hold strong to the old rites.  The article below shows the concern from Pope Benedict XVI concerning this problem.



“Pope Warns Against Witchcraft” By Rob Kerby

Pope Benedict XVI praised marriage upon his arrival in Africa and warned the faithful against dabbling in witchcraft.

With the western world captivated by such bestsellers and movie franchises as Harry Potter and Twilight, Africa is seeing the darker side of the occult. Several countries are battling a resurgence in child sacrifice — as native witchdoctors promise health and prosperity if a human child is ritually mutilated, then murdered.

The pope talked about the danger of combining Christianity with traditional African magic. Even though baptized into the Catholic Church, some faithful are being seduced by the promises of paganism, he noted. The pope condemned such practices, particularly those which lead to the sacrifice of children and murder of the elderly.

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