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Finding Happiness in Grief Recovery During Special Days

Grief Counseling The Grief Through Days of Celebration

Please review our certification program in grief counseling

Please review our certification program in grief counseling

As we all know, grief is just not one pit of despair but a long trek of peaks and valleys.  During times of memorial, holidays, or celebration, people can have joy and should not feel guilty about it.  Still some people may experience a grief that lingers and this is natural.  Regardless, as adaptation and healthy grief recovery takes over, the person will feel grief but in a new way that flows with their new chapter of life.  The article below talks about fellow grievers celebrating a Jewish holiday together.


Johanna Ginsberg, for the New Jersey Jewish News, writes about how people can come together during times of celebration despite loss and find fulfillment in her article, “Dealing with Grief During a Time of Celebration”

Six people gathered at Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care Center in West Orange on Monday night, Sept. 10, just one week before the start of Rosh Hashana. All had recently suffered a loss, and all had come to a one-day workshop to help them get through the High Holy Day season.

Members of the group discussed ways of coping with their private burdens during a period when other Jews were preparing to celebrate the new year, welcome family for festive meals, and see friends at synagogue

To read the full article, please click here.

This is an excellent way for people inflicted by a loss to find consolation among others who have walked the same path.

If you are interested in Grief Counseling Courses and our certification program in grief counseling, please review the program and click here.


Mark Moran

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