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Friends, relatives of suicide victims are bound in grief



The family and friends of a successful suicide victim suffer too.  If you would like to take grief counseling courses, then please review

The family and friends of a successful suicide victim suffer too. If you would like to take grief counseling courses, then please review

ope was the theme of the day, but unremitting pain was the backdrop when friends and family members of suicide victims gathered in a Culver City park on Saturday for their annual summer potluck.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

So many times, we forget the survivors who mourn the loss of suicide victim.  This pain and loss leads to multiple issues in their own recovery.  Grief counseling is essential for many who go through this sad time in their life.

In some cases, the family feels guilt.  In other cases, there is blame.  It is important to prevent family divisions if you can.  It is also important for the family to watch for changes in behavior of certain members.

The loss will be felt within the family hierarchy and certain members will be affected differently.  Perhaps the person had a greater financial role in one member’s life.  This can lead to diverse reactions.

Helping the family members adjust and not find guilt is the key in recovery.

If you would like to take courses in grief counseling then please review the program.  Qualified professionals can become certified in grief counseling after completion of the required courses.  The required courses offer the basis of grief study and how to grief counsel.

Qualified professionals include social workers, counselors, health care professionals, funeral directors and those in both pastoral care and ministry.  Degrees in the social sciences are recommended if not a qualified professional.

Once certified, one can enhance their career and help others.  So please review this program and see if it matches your academic and professional needs.

Re-certification is every three years.  To become re-certified, one must take courses in grief counseling for re-certification.  One must also complete a hours within the field of grief counseling.

Such hours include academic teaching, counseling, reading or courses taken at the college level.  One can also submit professional peer journal papers for both clinical and academic.

If you have any questions on how to take courses in grief counseling, then please let us know. In the meantime, please enjoy the article and the blog.



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