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Get a Hypnosis Certification!

   My good friend, Tom, just got his hypnosis certification! I am serious, they have a certification for this. I am not surprised that it was Tom who decided to go ahead and pursue this as a career. He is a very 

A hypnotist

A hypnotist

interesting  character, indeed. God knows he’s been trying for a decade or more to get me under his spell. Who knows, maybe now that he’s certified, he will actually succeed. What if I can no longer resist his hypnotic pull? Oh well, Tom is pretty cute, so there are worse things that could happen for sure. On a serious note, though. I hear that he’s pretty good. I haven’t had a chance to see him in action yet, but I am looking forward to his first show. Hopefully, he will make our friend Lisa cluck and peck like a chicken. She’s such a prude, that would be hilarious to see.

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