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Get Educated About ADD and ADHD

  I am a third grade teacher and mother and I have a child and students that suffer from attention deficit disorder. I did not have much knowledge on this problem only the brief information the doctors that diagnosed my son with it 

ADD counseling can help the frustration
ADD counseling can help the frustration

gave me. I felt like I needed to get educated more so I can know as a parent and teacher how to better deal with this problem. I did some research online and found that there’s an attention deficit consulting course that I can take to further my knowledge and teach me how to deal better with the problem. I learned about the different methods of treatment and the sign and symptoms of someone with ADD. The course has helped me tremendously with dealing with my child and my students I don’t feel so helpless are in the about ADD anymore. I’ve even been able to help some of my students parents better understand the problem.

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