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Getting Our Kids to Eat Holistic Healthy Foods

kid screaming NOOOO

Does this happen anytime you try to get your child to eat holistic healthy foods?

Eating holistic healthy foods can be a chore for adults.   It can be even more of a nightmare to get children to eat a holistic diet.   Why do you ask?   Because the sense of taste in a children is not as developed as that of an adult.   This can lead to weird flavors that children just do not like.   Children cannot taste the complex flavors so therefore they like sweet foods and unhealthy junk food.   How can you get your children to eat their vegetables without having them sit at the table all night long?   An article has come up with 10 great ways to get your children to eat a holistic healthy diet.

By Maia James
From Huffington Post

Getting Children to Eat More Holistic Healthy Foods

Organic snacks are ruining my son’s diet. With so many junk food options now sold in health food stores, it’s tempting to allow him to subsist on cheddar bunnies, super sweet yogurts and organic gummy fruits. While these choices are obviously better than artificially flavored cheese curls or trans-fat laden crackers, sometimes I feel that if I didn’t have the convenience of these “healthful” options, I would be forced to slice up an apple or whip up some sprouted flour muffins when snack time rolls around.

The snack aisle at the health food store is full of products loaded with sugar, salt, white flour and extruded grains — really not health food at all! (Two modern snacks are good choices: organic fruit pouches (if still not as healthful as an actual piece of fruit) and seaweed snacks (if a little salty).

For the full list please go here.

As you can see from the article getting children to eat holistic healthy foods is not that difficult.   Just use foods that can be turned into a fun treat or have hidden healthy qualities.   The trail mix idea especially is a good one.   You can take out the chocolate and use other sweet holistic friendly foods instead.   Again with the right substitutions you can make anything taste great and be healthy for you.

If you want to learn more about holistic nursing and integrative health care then you should visit our webpage.


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