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Give yourself a gift to manage holiday stress | Lifestyle | St. Albert Gazette

GET STRETCHING – Hatha yoga features stretching and strength-building postures, suitable for beginners through advanced students. Darlene Klassen runs evening classes in Hatha at the Star of the North.
STU SALKELD/St. Albert Gazette
American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

During the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year mayham, give yourself a break from the stress of planning.  Make sure you give yourself a gift, better yet, the gift of peace.

Yoga or meditation can be an excellent way to find stress reduction during this hectic time of year.  It can keep you focused and also balanced to avoid post-Christmas burnout.  It is also a healthy life style that can bring many benefits to your over all health and well-being.

Stress management techniques include such practices as yoga and meditation and are excellent ways to combat Holiday fatigue.  This article discusses the benefits of Yoga during the Holiday season.

If you are interested in becoming certified in stress management, then please review the program.

By taking the core courses, qualified candidates, can become certified in Stress Management.  After certification, the person remains certified for three years until renewal. In that meantime, the professional should practice stress management  and stress reduction with clients and also work on continuing education.  If you are interested in learning more, please let us know.


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