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Giving Thanks to God: Losing a National Tradition

Become a certified christian counselor

Become a certified christian counselor


As we, once again, approach this national day of “thanksgiving” I thought it necessary to reflect upon our nation’s long history of acknowledging and giving thanks to the Almighty God.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

A good article about the need to be thankful to God from two of our greatest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  In times of stress and grief, these men would issue how as a nation we should be thankful and pray to God to continue to bless our nation.

Today, people are becoming more secular and forgetting the purpose of Thanksgiving and turning into a shopping day. It is important to avoid secularism and the wanting more culture and embrace thankfullness and to remember others during this Holiday Season

Certified Christian Counselors can remind people of their need to be thankful during visits for even the smallest things.  Whether life is rough or not, we all have something to be thankful to God for.  Certified Christian Counselors have an excellent opportunity to incorporate thanks into their sessions with clients.

If you are interested in learning more about Christian Counseling or would like to find out where you can take online Christian Counseling courses, then please review the blog and site.  The program consist of seven core courses.  After completion of these core courses, qualified professionals are eligible for certification.

Once a certified Christian Counselor. one needs to renew every three years.  They also much practice five hundred hours of service and fifty hours of continuing education.


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